Crystal Attorneys and Notaries is a boutique law firm specializing in real estate law. The firm was founded in 1980 and has been practicing real estate law for 38 years, during which it has garnered a wealth of knowledge and comprehensive experience in planning and construction laws, real property, urban redevelopment, litigation, administrative, civil and commercial law, real estate investments abroad, and more.

The perfect combination of our team’s professional capabilities, backed by strategic thinking, thorough comprehension and groundbreaking creativity, guarantees that we will provide you with effective solutions, remove any barriers, and maximize the potential of opportunities by achieving results that exceed expectations.

Our main areas of practice

Real Estate

Selling and purchasing land and properties, projects, rental, lease and combination agreements, options, purchase groups, commercial ventures and cooperation, urban redevelopment, financing, contract works agreements, equity sharing agreements, lot line adjustments, managing housing companies, taxation, eminent domain, claims, and more. In addition to overseeing judicial proceedings, our firm counsels on all project aspects, such as: financing, capital improvements, and making optimal use of real estate business opportunities.

Planning & Construction

Counseling on complex planning schemes and projects, representing clients and appearing before planning authorities and courts, handling complex objections, development, licensing proceedings, applications for facilitations and nonconforming use, eminent domain, capital gains taxes, claims for damages, and more. Our firm has time and again set itself apart and has become a leader in this field, by utilizing our comprehensive knowledge of proceedings, excellent litigation skills and setting precedents that benefit our clients and enable them to overcome complicated processes and proceedings.

Urban Redevelopment

Representing, private counseling and providing solutions to developers and tenants that guarantee their interests in NOP 38 and eviction-construction transactions, including: formulating agreement outlines and frameworks, obtaining approvals from planning authorities, and carrying out the project. This is one of the most saturated markets in Israeli real estate, and that is precisely why our firm provides a unique approach that is customized based on the needs of each client and adjusted to match the project, the environment and the planning framework. We do all this to ensure that our clients receive all the benefits they are entitled to and that the project is a proven success.

Foreign RE Investments

Establishing and counseling on joint ventures, advocating for developers and investment groups, founding investment funds, guiding clients on real estate purchases abroad, managing local consultants, developing, planning, financing and establishing projects, providing trust services, and more. Our firm has a significant advantage over others in this market based on our decades of experience. This experience means that we will save you time, provide solutions to any issues that arise or even prevent them altogether, while streamlining processes that help our clients from start to finish.

Civil & Commercial Law

Assisting, counseling, and regularly handling joint ventures, guiding clients through bid proceedings, project management, contracts, business transactions, representing clients in civil disputes, and more. Our firm provides complete solutions that account for all process aspects and neutralize any potential barriers before they surface.

We have made it our mission to act as a quality and efficient entity that provides professional and honest service to clients, planning authorities, public institutions and courts of law. This is not just an ethical worldview, it ensures that we maintain the best interests of our clients long-term. Our firm espouses service tailored to each and every client, without templates. We give personal attention and custom solutions to every case, transaction, project, and client.


Representing clients in administrative appeals in district courts, the Supreme Court and the High Court of Justice. Regularly appearing before all courts of law and planning authorities and providing arbitration services in legal disputes over real estate. We ensure a thorough and high-quality analysis of the intricacies of each and every case.

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