Practice Areas

Real Estate

Our proficiencies in the world of real estate are based on 38 years of experience in representing public and private companies, developers and business partnerships, actively engaged in real estate. This includes, inter alia, sales and acquisitions of real estate properties, plots, houses, apartments, leasehold agreements, rental agreements, investment and residential properties, combination agreements, real estate options, commercial ventures and cooperation, purchasing groups, urban redevelopment projects, financing, contractor works agreements, share agreements, lot line adjustments, dissolving real estate partnerships, handling real estate taxation, eminent domain, code violation lawsuits, and more. All of our clients receive legal counseling tailored to their specific needs by a professional and experienced team of attorneys.

Our firm has extensive experience in counselling and advocating for projects from the first step of identifying land and acquiring it for development to planning and obtaining building permits, handling all financing aspects, and being there for the client throughout the project’s lifespan and seeing it to completion, including all registration proceedings with the Land Registration Office.

Planning & Construction

After years of experience representing private, commercial and institutional clients in planning and construction proceedings, appearing for hearings before all planning authorities and courts of law, there is no project to complex for us, there are no tasks we cannot handle and there are no obstacles we cannot prevent – starting with initial development stages, through planning proceedings and all the way to final project approval.

Our proven capacity to handle complex objections, appeals and administrative claims in court, and our command of licensing, permit, facilitations and nonconforming use proceedings, capital gains tax, claims for damages, and a myriad of legal aspects in the realm of planning, licensing and construction, enable us to provide your project with a 360-degree suite of professional, creative, and focused solutions so that you can make it a reality – confidently, efficiently, and professionally.

Urban Redevelopment

Urban redevelopment transactions – such as NOP 38 and eviction-construction, are complicated transactions that in many cases require significant effort from all those involved – rights holders, developers, planning authorities, prime contractors and more. These transactions are based mainly on planning the plot / complex and its surroundings, and therefore the desired outcomes can only be obtained by comprehensively grasping and efficiently planning and exercising the available building rights.

Over the years and through personal representation and counseling, we have successfully provided creative solutions to guarantee the interests of both developers and tenants.

Our firm guides clients on urban redevelopment transactions and projects from the very first step, the initial thought of carrying out such a project, through to drafting the transaction framework, promoting planning proceedings, having all plans approved by the relevant planning authorities, obtaining permits, and until the project is completed to the client’s satisfaction.

Foreign Real Estate Investments

Foreign real estate investments require unique specialties. Apart from the geographical distance and language barriers, investing in real estate abroad commands knowledge of the different markets, laws and regulations, taxation, and more. Our experience in establishing and counseling on joint ventures, for developers and investment groups abroad, as well as establishing and developing projects abroad, together with the practical knowledge we have amassed, enables us to best handle and effectively establish investment funds, counsel on acquisitions, planning, capital improvements and developments, manage a team of local legal counsels, and provide trust services to foreign investors. Our creativity, professionalism, and personal touch all cater to our clients’ successful investment in foreign real estate.

Civil – Commercial Law

As part of our activity, we counsel companies, non-profits, businesses and private individuals, and we advocate for them in all areas associated with real estate. Our firm has attained extensive experience and professional knowledge on contract, bids, and corporate laws, enabling us to counsel, assist and regularly handle the establishment of joint ventures, project financing, contracts, and business engagements. Our specialization in this area means that we are always there for our clients with the most advanced and creative solutions, stemming from a thorough understanding of their needs and capabilities, and a strict devotion to quality and attention to detail – small to large. Our comprehensive solutions provide our clients with results that exceed their expectations.


Litigation requires expertise, professionalism, and creativity. Our firm specializes in representing clients and regularly appearing in court for all our practice areas, before all judicial tribunals and planning authorities in Israel, particularly in representing clients in administrative appeals with the district courts, the Supreme Court, and the High Court of Justice. In addition, our firm provides arbitration services to handle real estate disputes. Our rich experience, garnered over years of representation and appearances, enables us to formulate the most suitable strategy and solutions, to provide our clients with the professional capacity they expect and deserve, and to successfully represent them in hearings and proceedings.